Grand Opening Updates


Studio status update


Our special permit has been approved! The signatures of the board have been gathered, the paperwork has been filed and we are now counting down the days until we open. More details coming soon!


We will be meeting with the Town of Arlington Zoning Board on 10/23/18. At this meeting we will know if the special permit is approved and what the next steps are. Fingers crossed!


The special permit for the studio has not yet been approved, adding a few more legal hurdles for us to overcome. Unfortunately, this will delay the studio opening by about two months. We are just as disappointed about this news as you are and are working hard to resolve this as quickly as we can. Thank you for your support and your patience.

Please Note: All purchased passes take effect on your first visit to Lotus Flow Studio. All passes purchased before August 31, 2018 additionally receive 3 Bring-a-Friend Free Passes.

Please take advantage of our pre-opening deals, online community (classes|videos|meditations) and join us at local events until we open!

If you have any questions or to submit letters of support please email

Thank You